Passion with Precision Reach IT !!! !

A few words about us

JSR INFOTECH is a Total Solution Provider for computer application in Western  India,  specially in Maharashtra for its ERP, CRM, Machinery Payroll, Dairy Management, School, Shops, Hotels, Hospitals it is also known to be the fastest growing information technologies company with highest compound growth rate. Its offer single point, total computer solution  in every shape of computer applications by integrating hardware, software, networking.

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Our capabilities

We work as part of a team and our team spirit binds us together - transcending organizational, functional and geographic boundaries. We work hard towards our common goals and strive to deliver beyond expectations. We cooperate, collaborate and empower one another, because we recognize that a global effort translates into exceptional solutions and services.

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Who we are

WE developed a comprehensive software solution of ERP, Medical Stores, Schools and Hotels. Our Software product are to the highest quality and are implemented in highly reputed ERP,  Hotels and Medical Stores. JSR INFOTECH has qualified and  experience professional from various fields to meet the challenges of today's IT Culture.