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Project Management Expertise

  • At (RAS)Remote Access Services, the emphasis is to deliver quality products on-time and within budgets and we achieve this through superlative Project Management
  • Project managers from RAS know how to:
    - Identify and manage risks right from the start
    - Define and manage project scope
    - Deliver project results on time and within budget
    - Ensure deliverables meet or exceed user needs
    - Deliver products of high quality; and
    - Deliver the benefits that justify the client's investment
  • Consistent project management discipline is part of every RAS..

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Extended Technology Services

JSR INFOTECH's Extended Technology Services [ETS] focuses on delivering services across every stage of product development life cycle—from research and prototyping to maintenance. We have conceptualized and created a unique methodology model called ZB -Zero Bugs. The critical consideration of this methodology is catering to evolving requirements & specifications in concurrent technologies scenarios and need for delivery of defect free solutions.

This methodology has proven the reliability levels of near to 100% defect free solutions. Also ensures on time delivery of solutions and on time user acceptance. This method also results in faster delivery cycles with almost eliminating need for rework and ensures reduction in time to market by 20% to 40%.

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